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Welfare of school-children

Various public services are carried out with the welfare of school children in mind such as the granting of educational aids (computers etc.) for selected schools, in the different areas of the country.

The Handing over of computers for a number of schools in the Southern Province.

Propaganda work carried out in the Matara District.

Taking in to consideration the welfare of skilled students by providing monetary facilities for their education.

"Abayadana" Program

The Maliban milk "Abayadana" program is aimed at saving cows that are condemned to death, aiming to build– up a "Milking Cow" herd within the country. You can automatically contribute towards that task by purchasing Maliban milk products.

The Minister of Port and Aviation and the Chief Minister of Anuradhapura hand over a cow to an underprivileged family on a Poson Full Moon Poya day.

December Abayadhana program

You are invited to participate for the 78th Abayadana Programme, releasing of 1804th cattle

You are invited to participate for the 77th Abayadana Programme, releasing of 1789th cattle

September Abayadhana program

You are invited to participate for the 71st Abayadana Programme, releasing of 1700th cattle

September Abayadhana program

August Abayadhana program

Abayadhana program Esala poya

At Balangoda Sri Sudarshanarama Maha Viharaya on 31/07/2015

Adi Esala Poya Abayadhana program

At Kandy Dalada Maliga on 01/07/2015

June (Poson Poya) Abayadhana program

April Abayadhana Program

March Abayadhana, Madin Poya Day (March 2015)

67th Abayadhana program

Released 1650th cow

03rd February 2015 at Bellanvila Rajamaha Viharaya

68th Abayadhana program

06 cows were released

04/01/2015 Duruthu poya day

1608th cow released

06 cows were released

Devinuwara Raja Maha Viharaya, Sri Vishnu Maha Devalaya - Devinuwara

06/12/2014 Uduwap Poya day

65th Abayadhana program

Released 1594th cow

Palliyagodella purana maha viharaya Rawathawatta- Moratuwa

06 cows released

November month Abayadhana program (ILL poya)

64th Abayadhana program and Releasing of 1577th cow

ITN Recorded Programme

Recording Date: 05th November 2014 (Wednesday)

Telecast Date: 06th November 2014 (Thursday) 12.30 p.m.

Venue: “Sri Sudarshanarama Purana Raja Maha Viharaya – Giriulla,Bopitiya ”
Time of Recording: Scheduled to start at 9.00 a.m.
6 Cows were released.

Dharmendraramaya - Galle Road,Mount Lavinia

03 cows were released